'Find my' applicati allows you to bust sex trafficking & more in the Apple of the crime blotter

Two huge Apple Store flights to Milwaukee, Apple’s “Find My” applicati leads to a sex trafficker, thousands of iPhone screens taken, and a stolen iPad found amg other eclectic elements —all this week in the Apple of the Crime Blotter.

The Mayfair Mall Apple Store in Wiscsin
The Mayfair Mall Apple Store in Wiscsin

The latest in casual AppleInsider’s review of the series the world of Apple-related crime.

the iPhone and iPad a flight plan also involved the manager of the removal of

Two men in South Carolina, were arrested this week charges that they have removed the manager of T-Mobile storeobliged to let them in, and stole dozens of Apple products.

According to ABC News 4, according to police, the two suspects took the manager at gunpoint outside his home, drove him to the store and forced her to let him in. At this point they have stolen 50 iPhones, 8 Apple es, 15 iPads, and $1,500 in cash. The manager was not injured and informed the police that e of the stolen phes was equipped with a tracker, where they used to apprehend the suspects.

Of $25,000 for flights from Milwaukee Apple Stores

A trio of thieves would have has stolen more than $25,000 in articles from two Apple stores in the Milwaukee area at the end of the mth of January. According to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, the flights to the Mayfair Mall and Bayshore shopping centre locatis took place ly 30 minutes apart. The first flight netted 17 Apple es, 14 Apple magic trackpads, and an Apple pencil, while the secd included eight Apple es, nine Apple pencils, four apple Airpods and five Apple magic trackpads.

The video was released by police in Mayfair vol

Apple es, Apple Pencils made in Tennessee Apple Store

In other Apple Store theft new, a pair of thieves %0D%0A”>would have stolen 11 Apple es & 20 Apple Pencils the Cool Springs Apple Store in Franklin, Tenn., the Feb. 8. According to Williams Source, the theft totaled nearly $7,000 worth of items.

Stolen iPad found with vintage newspaper and other items

A car was pulled over last week by state troopers in Indiana, which discovered a great variety of objects stolen. According to BND, the items included an iPad, more than two dozen credit and debit cards, drug paraphernalia, autographed football, and a newspaper from the day after the 1963 assassinati of President John F. Kennedy.

The Police are working to return the items to their rightful owners.

The quarrel between the militants, the farmers includes the making of the iPhone and cow

A lg-standing dispute between the owners of the state of Maryland farm and a group of animal-rights activists in Virginia has led to the escalati of criminal charges between the farm and the activists. According to The Baltimore Sun, e of the activists has been charged with both secd degree assault and a fourth degree sexual offense. In additi to this, the girlfriend of the farmer was accused of stealing the iPhone was e of the activists and damaging his car.

The dispute dates back to 2019, when other members of the animal liberati group has pleaded guilty of stealing a cow from the farm and bring it to a shelter for animals called Life With Pigs.

“Tens of thousands” of screens iPhone stolen from uk distributor

Note of the Distributi, a uk distributor of moving parts, suffered a major theft of the iPhone screens from its locati in Banbury. According to Mobile News, the company’s co-director, described the loss of the flight as “tens of thousands”, and added that the thieves appear to have targeted the screens specifically, and left other sectis ale.

Find My iPhone has led to the arrest of a man accused of sex trafficking

A man indicted federal charges that he forced his girlfriend to drug and rob men in the course of these four years —e of which died —was caught after e of their victims used find My iPhone.

According to the Ministry of Justice press releaseRandy Jal Schenck was charged 12 counts, including sex trafficking by force, fraud, or coerci, transporting a pers to engage in prostituti, and identity theft with aggravating circumstances. The Associated Press reported that Schenck has been arrested in a Georgia hotel, after a victim, who had several smartphes that are stolen, used find My iPhone to track him.

Restaurant burglaries lead to three years in pris

Elsewhere in Georgia, another accused thief is headed to pris, thanks also to follow-up of an Apple device that he has stolen. According to The Press Herald, the 54-year-old man has pleaded guilty to a series of restaurant break-ins in the Augusta area. In e of these flights, the man took an iPad that ctains a tracking device, leading the police to a friend who it was gifted to the theft of the device.

After pleading guilty to two counts of burglary, three counts of theft, and e count each of theft of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor criminal, the man was sentenced to three years in pris.

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