Feature request: After buying a "Netflix for magazines", it’s time for Apple to do the same for ebooks

While Apple is looking to increase its recurring revenue through services, it recently purchased Texture, e of the many services described as “Netflix for magazines.” Ten dollars a mth allow subscribers to access more than 200 different magazines.

That ‘s fine, but what I really like about Apple, it’ s “Netflix for books; – perhaps more accurately described as’ Kindle Unlimited for iBooks;

If Apple were ready to bring to that the kind of discovery that it was successful with Apple Music, it would be a deadly product …


I am a hard-working reader, so when Amaz launched Kindle Unlimited, I looked at it closely. You paid $ 9.99 per mth for access to what was, at launch time, about 640,000 eBooks

You can think of Apple Music as borrowing e track at a time – the e you listen to. When you approach the end of the track, it is actually returned to the Apple Music Library also the next track is delivered to you.

Kindle …

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