FAC has set an official death date for net neutrality

N and neutrality officially has an end date. Thursday, the Federal Communicatis Commissi announced that the repeal would take effect June 11.

The FCC voted alg party lines to reverse the net neutrality protectis of the Obama era in December. While the complete repeal was originally scheduled to take place in April, the Office of Management and Budget needed to review and approve the rule change

This Bureau gave its approval May 2 and the FCC President, Ajit Pai, officially announced May 10. In fact, it is a provisi of the new regulati that requires Internet service providers to indicate to users whether they restrict or block certain ctent. [19659002 In other words, the network neutrality protectis that effectively prevent ISPs from limiting or blocking certain ctent – or from giving priority to ctent providers who pay Expenses – officially expire

The rule change would also reclassify broadband service, preventing the FCC from regulating it.

Here is what our Internet could look like without network neutrality.

The Federal Trade Commissi should play a much larger role in the supervisi of broadband service. But the FTC would not apply the rules of net neutrality, it would simply punish ISPs who do not hor their promises to respect them.

There are still many lawsuits that were imposed when the rule change, TechCrunch points apart. While these could provoke the abrogati …

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