explosi of the iPhone apparently taken in video

An iPhone allegedly exploded and briefly caught fire in frt of a security camera.

The device was an iPhone 6 that was in the store for repair. His battery had reportedly started to grow, cracking the display.

This happened in a Las Vegas store, according to ABC affiliate KTNV

It's rare, but the iPhone 6 suffers from swollen battery problems, like most computers with lithium-i batteries. This is caused by an overload. This is not usually the result of everything the customer has de, but because of problems in the phe. Apple designs its devices not to overload, but it happens anyway.

All domed bombs are not about to explode, but there are rumors about their operati. Any iPhone with this problem should be repaired as so as possible. At the very least, it should not be used.

Is this iPhone explosi video real?

Although this is apparently an example of an iPhone's explosi in the right place to be captured video, it is also possible that it is a hoax

he is sitting a box, not directly the desk. This could be a way to hide the necessary arsists so that the phe seems to catch fire.

The pers in the video reacts extremely quickly to the explosi. There was not even a moment of cfusi. It is far from the flames in about a quarter of a secd. He could have very good reactis, or he could have waited for it.

Moreover, the quality of the image in the ABC video is terrible. It is taken …

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