Everything you need to know about your iPhone camera’s shutter speed

Your iPhone camera is very effective for taking pictures automatically. You just point it, shoot, and the camera works all the tricky things. But what is really going there? How does it take the light you see and display it as an image the screen?

In this short series, we will examine the physical parts of a camera – the aperture, the shutter, the magnificati of the lens, and so . – and we'll see how they affect the final image. The subject of today: the shutter speed.

What's a compent?

In a camera, a shutter protects the film from light until you are ready to take a picture. Then, when you press the shutter butt, it opens for a split secd and lets the light of the lens fall the movie. The film then records the light that falls it. The lger the shutter is open, the more light falls the film and the more the image is clear / bright.

If you take a picture at night, you must leave the shutter open lger to collect enough light to record an image. In bright sunlight, you need a shutter that can open for a split secd to avoid too much light, which would result in a faded white image.

Electric shutters

The sensor of a digital camera like your iPhone works exactly the same way, with e excepti. While the shutter of a film camera ly opens to expose the movie, the shutter of your iPhone is open to all …



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