Everything About new iPad Pro Release Date, Specs, Design coming this year

Apple has already had a busy 2018 year, with the release of a new, educati-oriented iPad and new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar models. There are still many things to come during the year, however, with the rest of 2018 certainly being busy.

In additi to new iPhones coming this fall, Apple would have a pair of new upcoming iPad Pro variants with a host of changes. Read what we have already learned about these new devices …


Save the iPad 10.5-inch Pro, the iPad has remained largely the same in terms of design in recent years. All this is changing this year, however, as Apple is expected to give the iPad Pro a redesign of the iPhone X-like design.

First, reports indicate that the company will reduce bezel sizes both iPad Pro variants by 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. However, for each of these models, this change will mean different things.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will keep the physical size of the iPad Pro by 10.5 inches but will extend the screen. This means that you will get an additial screen in an identical format. According to Kuo, the 10.5-inch model will become this year the 11-inch model because of these reduced bezel sizes.

Meanwhile, for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Kuo expects Apple to simply reduce the size of the telescope and not increase the size of the telescope. ; screen. Thus, the display of 12.9 inches will remain the same, but the overall footprint of the device will decrease, which will make it more portable and easier to manage.

As we reported earlier this mth:

The 11-inch Kuo model seems to replace the current iPad Pro by 10.5 inches. This would put the range at 7.9 inches, 9.7 inches, 11 inches and 12.9 inches. Kuo also specifically says 11 inches and 12.9 inches, not 13 inches, which suggests that it’s specific and does not round from 10.5 inches to 11 inches. This suggests that the 12.9-inch iPad will have a smaller overall body compared to making the heavy body feature a larger screen.

Persally, I’m happy to see the 12.9-inch iPad Pro diminish its footprint. It’s currently just too big for easy portability in my case, but adjusting a 12.9-inch screen in a smaller body makes it a very attractive opti.

Face ID

Perhaps the most important upgrade of all iPad Pro 2018 models will be the additi of the face ID – and thus the removal of the Home butt. As stated by Kuo, Bloomberg, and various pieces of evidence found in iOS, it’s all but cfirmed that iPad Pros this year will be the first to include support for Face ID.

For example, in the iOS 11.3 beta, we found references to a new “modern iPad”. Before its release, the iPhone X was also called a “modern iPhone” in the iOS code. iOS 12, meanwhile, includes Face ID multi-user support – a feature that makes sense for the iPad Pro as it is commly shared amg multiple people.

Face ID the iPad Pro should also mark the inclusi of support for Face ID landscape recogniti. With the iPhone X, Face ID is limited to working in the vertical orientati, but the iPad Pro is commly used in landscape mode.

The notch or no notch?

e of the biggest questis about the new iPad Pros is that they will feature notch cutouts like the iPhone X. Although there is no hard evidence suggesting the “iPhe” is not enough. e or the other way, my intuiti is that the iPad will not adopt the notch design.

While it’s easy to assume that with Face ID comes a notch, the iPad pros will likely have larger glasses than the iPhone X ly for the purpose. use. Thus, there should be (hopefully) room at the top of the device for all necessary Face ID compents without cutting the screen itself.

Although iOS 12 includes some changes that could indicate that a notch is en route to the iPad Pro, the most likely scenario is that these changes were made solely for the purpose of keeping gestures and interfaces uniforms the iPad and the iPhone.


Currently, the two 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models feature a Fusi A10X processor with 4GB of RAM. This year, the amount of RAM will probably remain the same, but we will almost certainly see Apple switch to a new processor. Although it is not explicitly clear, it is likely that it will adopt a variant of the A12 processors arriving at this year’s iPhones.


At this point, nothing indicates that the pricing structure of the iPad Pro will change with this year’s review. You should expect the 11-inch model to start at $ 649, while the 12.9-inch model will likely start at $ 799.

Of course, the price is still the hardest thing to predict before an Apple announcement, so these prices could very well change when the new iPad Pros will be released later this year.


As for when Apple should announce its new iPad, there are two possibilities: September or October.

Apple is expected to hold an event in September to announce a trio of new iPhone models, as well as new Apple watches. It is possible that the new iPad Pros will be announced at the same event, which would make both a busy and expensive event (for customers).

The other possibility is that Apple will hold another media event in October. In additi to the iPad Pro, iPhone X, and Apple Watch, Apple is also expected to introduce new Macs this fall. These new Macs include an updated Mac mini (!!!), a new iMac and a lower MacBook update.

Apple is hosting an event in September and October. In 2016, he hosted an event in September for new iPhones and AirPods, as well as an event in October for new Macs.

What do you think of Apple’s new iPad Pros coming this year? Are you planning to upgrade? Let us know in the comments!


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