Even when launching to a new model iPhone broke through sales of the US Q2 smartphe

In the secd quarter of this year, although iPhone sales are the slowest, iPhone did not outweigh the sales of US smartphes because csumers are waiting for new models announced in September.

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Counterpoint research includes snippets in today's new report.

Apple's iPhone remains the most popular model in both line and offline channels.

Because this report is focused the performance of line sales channels, we do not menti the details of the brand comparis rather than the retailer's website.

There, he points out that apple.com was watching the deteriorati of line sales that was expected to be sitting fourth in 8% of line smartphe sales. Amaz occupied 23% of the market, Veriz gained 12%, Best Buy 9%.

Generally, although premium smartphes are purchased line, not offline, Apple pointed out that the numbers are distorting numbers.

line sales of price ranges for middle and middle middle layers have a higher share compared to offline sales [while] Offline sales tend to go well at the low end […] But, [the premium] It is mainly dominated by Apple 's line store and not so much Samsung.

Gartner reports that Huawei is guaranteed to overtake Apple in the secd quarter and reverse in the third quarter.

You can check more Apple news YouTube's 9to 5 Mac:



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