ePlus makes fun again of the removal of the Apple headphe jack when announcing ePlus 6

ePlus announced today the launch of its latest flagship phe, the ePlus 6, and the company could not resist taking another jab at Apple and its decisi to remove the headphe jack from his flagship iPhone.

During the event, ePlus launched the new $ 69 ePlus Wireless Bullets headphes that come with the new ePlus 6. "e thing is for sure: if you can plug in your headphes using Bluetooth, you do not need more headphe jack, is not it? said Carl Pei, co-founder of ePlus.

The joke of Pei's headphe jack starts at 1:14:00

Pei was making a joke at Apple's expense because despite the inclusi of Bluetooth headphes with the ePlus 6, she ctinues to include a headphe jack. "And yes, there is still a headphe jack," Pei said at the unveiling of ePlus 6.

ePlus made a similar joke stage last year after Apple eliminated the plug iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus headphes, a move that has proved unpopular with some customers despite the introducti of AirPods.

" the bottom, you will notice that we have abanded the 3.5mm headphe jack.The overall design elegance is instantly enhanced.Of course, the Bluetooth ePlus 5 has a headphe jack."

Design wise, even though it includes a headphe jack, the new ePlus 6 takes other design cues from the iPhone X, like many Android smartphes this year. It has a 6.28-inch AMOLED display with …

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