El Musk pledges to help resolve the water crisis in Flint, Michigan

F l Musk is committed to providing clean, safe drinking water to all homes in Flint, Michigan, that do not currently have it.

Wednesday, Twitter user @DylanSheaMusic tweeted the following to Musk: "I heard a bunch of people saying that there was NO way to ctribute to the drinking water supply of Flint, Michigan. You said you were not able to idk. "

CEO Tesla and SpaceX apparently took this as a challenge, because a few minutes later he tweeted to @DylanSheaMusic, saying the following.

In later tweets, Musk adds that he will create an email – flint@x.com – specifically for the problem.But as he is currently traveling to China, he is asking residents of Flint to answer his tweet with results of parts per milli (ppm) and parts per billi (ppb) and it will "send somee to install a water filter" if these results exceed the regulatis of the FDA.

For the record , the FDA does not regulate tap water – the EPA does it. But the FDA regulates water bottled, and has a stricter regulati the amount of lead that may be present in this water. So maybe he meant the lower limit of the FDA.

April tests said the tap in Flint at 4 ppb lead. The EPA limit is about 15 ppb for tap water, while the FDA limit is 5 ppb for bottled water.

Musk moved to …

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