Drafts 5 for iOS are free, adds fantastic professial features

Drafts 5 was launched, the sequel to Drafts 4, and you can be a bit cfused as too much is really new. Should you upgrade, for example? After all, it's just the same old note-making applicati with a paint stroke, right? Well, the definitive answer to this questi is "Hmmm, kinda …" While Drafts 5 does not get a lot of new features, it has been completely redesigned. It looks better, works better, and the settings are a lot less cfusing.

Oh, and you can finally use it as your ly notes app, without having the impressi of doing something dirty.

What is Drafts 5, exactly?

Like all previous versis, Drafts 5 is a kind of inbox for text. Or rather, it's a starting point for everything you write. It starts very quickly in a new blank note and you type your words. This could be a shopping list, the measurements of your office window you can buy a mosquito net, an e-mail, or even an iMessage. The idea is that you just write. When you captured this fleeting idea, or slammed fleas for this useless weekly bureau meeting, ly decide then what to do with it.

Drafts is the default place to capture all text.
Photo: Agile Turtle

For this step, the treatment stage, Drafts has a t of actis that will act your text with a single tap. You can send it to your to-do list, email it to a predefined address (or compose a new mail) or save it to the bottom of a lg document stored in Dropbox or send it to a calendar app to make an appointment. The possibilities are endless, because you can create and share actis yourself, and find many in the acti directory.

The idea of ​​Drafts is to quickly capture text, and then act, now or later. You keep it in the dock of your iPhone or iPad, so you never have to think about the applicati that you will launch when the task involves text.

What's up?

The list of new features is quite short, but regular users of Drafts will notice that all a …

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