Doom creator John Carmack shares his interactis with Steve Jobs

John Carmack, best known for his work icic games that include Quake, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D, has taken to Facebook today to share details about his interactis with Steve Jobs and to give an overview of the Jobs' opini about the games, it was like working with Jobs, and what it was like to participate in e of the famous Jobs keynotes.

Carmack first interacted with Jobs while Jobs was still at NeXT because Carmack wanted to add a "Developed NeXT computers" logo to the original Doom game. His applicati was initially denied, but later Jobs changed his mind. Doom never included a label made NeXT, but Carmack ctinued to work with Jobs other projects.

Jobs, said Carmack, did not seem to "think games very high" and seemed to wish "that they were not as important to his platforms as they turned out to be . " Carmack was invited to discuss game requirements with Apple, and ended up having "a lot of arguments" with Jobs the OpenGL adopti. Jobs was good at talking with "total cfidence" about things that he was "just wrg."

Part of his method, at least with me, was to make fun of ctemporary optis and dare to tell him differently. They could be pragmatic, but could not really be good.

"I have Pixar, let's do something [an API] that is really good." It was often frustrating because he could talk, with cfidence, of things he was just wrg about, such as the price of memory for video cards and the amount of bandwidth of the system … [19659004]

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