Do not panic! Hackers have not figured out how to bypass the iPhone's code access limit.

  iPhone Access Code

Enter the wrg password in an iPhone and you will be not ly refused, but you may also delete the ctent if you enter incorrect code too many times. This is a problem that law enforcement agencies face when they encounter iPhones in cases where they work – as well as people who are trying to hack phes for malicious purposes – so it's no wder that hackers are cstantly looking to gain unlimited cjectures to access codes.

A hacker thought that he had cracked it. Security researcher Matthew Hickey has boasted of having discovered a delightfully simple method of forcing the entry of an iPhone an iPhone – he even posted a video of his hack in acti . But there is no need to panic. Apple explains that "an incorrect test" makes the Hickey method worthless.

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Hickey first took Twitter to share what he believed to be incredible discoveries: a way to "force 4 / 6digit PIN without limits" [sic]] posted a video of his "hack" in acti, saying that by sending all possible access codes to an iPhone that is plugged in at ce, not leaving time for individual processing. He said: "Instead of sending the code e at a time and waiting, send them all at ce. If you send your brute force attack in a lg chain of entries , all will process, and will bypass the feature erase data. "

Apple iOS" Erase Data "Hacker User Interface Problem …

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