Do not buy an iPhone! Anyway it is not now

please do not worry. This is not a rebellious iPhone's assault. I need to buy Apple's smartphe, but now it is not. If your current e is dead, or even if it is dead please wait weeks. This is because the release of the iPhone model in 2018 was just over.

Several large new versis will be released. Even if you think you want something already available, it may be affordable in about a week.

iPhone XS Plus and above

This will be a big year for Apple. So, we plan to release the biggest iPhone a 6.5 inch screen. However, the information leakage about this device shows that the chassis is not bigger than the current iPhone 8 Plus with a 5.5 inch screen.

It is a general design similar to iPhone X, but the Apple 12 processor and RAM are faster.

Apple is also said to be planning to update the current 5.8 inch flagship smartphe with the same high speed processor and additial RAM. This is called iPhone XS and comes with a big versi called iPhone XS Plus.

Both will be announced September 12. It is ly nine days from now. Preordering starts September 14th and is the shop frt September 24th. I do not buy an attractive 2017 model now.

This is true even if you are looking for a model before 2017. The price of the current iPhone should fall shortly after the debut of the 2018 versi.

e moreā€¦

And Apple probably will have another card. A 6.1 inch model is also available. Since it has an LCD that is not an OLED display it is expected to be significantly cheaper than the 6.5 or 5.8 inch model.

It should be announced September 12, but producti problems probably will delay release …



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