DNC urges Democrats to dump Android for iPhe

Security of the iPhe is also the chief executive of the Democratic new informati security.
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The Democratic Natial Committee provides solutis to improve the security of smartphes. It suggests that the Democratic Party will get rid of all Android devices.

This is particularly true when the phe is from ZTE, which maintains relatiships with the Chinese government.

DNC's first chief informati security officer, Bob Road, has developed this plan. He points out that Apple frequently issues security patches for all iOS devices. This is something that the broken nature of the Android ecosystem can not be provided.

Google regularly introduces security patches for the operating system, but we need to ensure that each mobile phe manufacturer can use them for their own products. As the Lord said Forbes"It is very difficult to know if you purchased a specific phe from a vendor as to what the appetite for quality assurance is."

Apple 's commitment to security does not ly fix occasial flaws occasially. Even law enforcement agencies are hard to bypass the iOS login system and each applicati runs in the sandbox to make it more difficult for malware to access unauthorized informati.

DTE Security versus ZTE and Huawei

Democratic Natial Committee does not recommend anye working for the party to use the telephe made by ZTE.

That is not surprising. Last mth, it was illegal for US government employees to use the telephe manufactured by ZTE. They are also forbidden to use Huawei's mobile phe, another company in China.

Currently DNC prefers Apple products, which is currently the most secure e. "At the moment there is a bias for the iPhe, but the evidence could change our mind … this is not a religious debate," Bob Road said, security officer at DNC .

Those working as part of the electi need to use security keys as part of two-factor authenticati.

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