Digitimes: iPhone 2 (iPhone 9?) compent of delayed orders due to sars coravirus disrupti

In a pair of Digitimes reports, the supply chain focused publicati suggests that the launch of the Apple model of phe can be a little further away. IPhe 9, or iPhone 2, whatever you want to call it, has apparently reached the final stage of the audit of the producti.

However, this means that a versi may still be a few weeks. In additi, Digitimes reports that PCB orders for the iPhone 2 were delayed from the first quarter to the secd quarter, suggesting a new schedule of refoulement.

According to Digitimes, which admittedly has a mixed record of accuracy in predicting Apple product plans, the Taiwan printed circuit board manufacturers have been informed that the shipments of parts for the iPhone 2 have been “postped”.

The parts were originally intended to be recorded in the first quarter, j’.e March. However, Apple have said that these orders must now be delivered in the secd quarter. This is apparently a csequence of the outbreak of coravirus.

What it sounds like is that a part of the producti bottlenecks upstream have caused Apple to halt the flow of compents further down the supply chain, because it expects to catch up to full producti. It is possible that the iPhone IS 2 launches in March, with a limited availability, but it seems that the primary producti of the ramp was postped in April.

For reference, the original iPhone IS was announced in the spring Apple event March 21, 2016. The iPhone went sale March 31, 2016.

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