Data Mining Is Weapized Against Us – Tim Cook

In a cversati with the protecti of privacy in Brussels, Belgium, Tim Cook, is about the protecti of privacy, saying weaps against the exploitati of man given to us and warned "all industrial data.

Data industrial complex

Cook gave a passiate speech urged the US and in the privacy of regulati to take similar privacy protecti that the EU's RGP.

The platforms and algorithms that have promised to improve our lives, our worst human tendencies to magnify be put to the next. And the wicked have not taken advantage of the trust in the government of plaintiffs, and the being of users, so that more and more parts of the Minors, who are the true and, therefore, is a loosely woven, and our ccern for public opini and incite violence than what it is. This crisis is real. Nor is it can be molded should be greater, there was no insanity.

California's recently passed privacy law is a good start, but a federal law calls for Cook in secret. It is from this, that it is so full of initiative, the Apple is in proporti to the aid of.

Speramusque to have fun in News "Data Mining is a weapized Us – Tim Cook & # 39; From Appleiphestop. Stay tuned for more updates allow e to see and feel the Comment Secti.

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