Cybersecurity Tech Agreement: 34 tech companies have promised a bunch of nothing

34 tech companies met Thursday to announce a whole bunch of nothing called the Tech Cybersecurity Agreement. It's a commitment with two essential parts: the first is that these companies will protect their customers, and the secd is that they will not help governments to launch cyberattacks against "innocent customers and businesses" ".

Heavyweight signers include: Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, SAP, Cisco, HP, Cloudflare and Github. You can see the entire list the Accord website. Notable signatories include Apple, Google and Amaz.

The Accord got positive headlines, but I do not think the announcement stands up to a logical review. For e thing, both claims include mealy-mouthed leeway in their wording. the other hand, even if these promises had something to do, most signatories are not welcome to hack anye anyway. They may be asked to provide client data from time to time, but they are not committed to protecting against this.

What's worse for me is that if the secd promise was made to come up with scenarios where the promise becomes absurd.

I promise …

Let's look at the first major promise, the e that makes the most sense, but still says essentially nothing:

A strger defense ]

Companies will strengthen their defense against cyberattacks. In this ctext, recognizing that everye deserves to be protected, companies are committed to protecting all customers in the world, regardless of the motivati of line attacks.

I like the principle behind this e. The companies say that they will protect their customers. It's great! But … no, it's not really that, is not it? The companies are committed to "building a strger defense".

What does that mean? Strg er What? Strger than my great aunt Sue? Strger than a pack of voracious guard dogs? Do they say that they have not already given everything? What they retained, but of …

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