Csumers are much excited about the new iPhone than Samsung's latest flagship

Earlier this week, Samsung officially announced the new Galaxy Note 9 flagship, PC Mag It shows that csumers are much excited about what Apple has for this year's iPhone …

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According to a survey asking 1,555 csumers of the smartphe release that is most expected, "iPhone 9 / iPhone 11 / iPhone XI / iPhone SE 2" came top. 42% of respdents said they are looking forward to updating the iPhone next mth and 24% answered that they are looking forward to Galaxy Note 9.

From there, it is a far competiti in 3rd place. 7% of respdents replied that they are most excited about Google Pixel 3, 4% for LG V 40, 2% for ePlus 6 T, 6% for other users, 6% for other users, "ne" for 11 %was.

Positive for Samsung is that 76% of those who chose Note 9 already own the device of Samsung, but 8% now show that they are iPhone users. This means that Samsung may be able to cvert some iPhone users to Android this year.

Of those who chose the new Galaxy Note, 76% surely owns Samsung's mobile phe. However, 8% of respdents currently own iPhone. While Apple surpassed the most anticipated smartphe list, our results show that Galaxy Note 9 could interfere with the cversi of some iPhones.

Samsung announced Galaxy Note 9 at this week's press event. It is in line with competitors from HomePod with competitors from the new Apple Watch. Samsung then released a new ad that inserted note 9 iPhone 9 in terms of performance, but in early benchmarks it is shown that iPhone X is actually top of such tests.

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