Cracking the Code: How to improve Apple Music recommendatis

I love Apple Music, and that helped me to discover a lot of good music. But the service seems to be lacking when it comes to recommendatis. Every Friday, the For You secti is updated with what the algorithms think you will like. For a moment, mine was not so good. But last week, I think I discovered a way to improve the recommendatis of Apple Music.

[ Social Profile Apple Music: How to Cfigure It ]

For You

My musical tastes have changed over the past two years. For a lg time, I listened almost exclusively to electric music as dubstep. But over the past two years, I have diversified, and now I like the alternative, rock and heavy metal. That's a problem, because For You has ctinued to recommend me dubstep, hip-hop and pop music.

The standard way to let Apple Music know what your preferences are, is to like and love sgs, artists, and albums. But no matter how much I loved the metal and the hated dubstep, my For You secti remained heavy the electrica …

Apple Music Cnect

… up to what I remember about Apple Music Cnect. Cnect is a small social network in Apple Music and it's essentially versi 2.0 of Ping. Cnect is a way to track your favorite artists, and get updates what they do, like new sgs and tours.

 Image of liking a sg, the secti For You, and Apple Music Cnect, to enhance Apple Music.

What I discovered was that when you add a new artist to your library, such as when you add e of his sgs or albums, you automatically start following that artist in Cnect. Which means I followed a bunch of electric DJs and …

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