Cops opens locked iPhones with GrayKey all the time

Police across the country are buying and using iPhone unlocking tools like GrayKey. These allow access to the ctent of the encrypted devices involved in the crimes.

GrayKey is quite expensive, and its manufacturer can not guarantee how lg it will work. It depends an iOS security flaw known ly to its manufacturer, and Apple could close this hole at any time. Nevertheless, law enforcement agencies take the risk.

The State Department and both Maryland and Indiana State Police have already invested in GrayKey, according to Motherboard . Others are csidering buying, or looking to do so, including the Secret Service.

The FBI asked for a "back door" in password protected iPhones. The increasing use of GrayKey seems to indicate that this is not necessary.

How GrayKey Works

After its launch earlier this year, GrayKey has quickly become the best known iPhone legal unlocker available. It is manufactured by Grayshift, which employs at least e former employee of Apple.

There are two …

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