Comment: How the HomePod found its place in my house, what is the future?

Apple officially released HomePod 's smart speaker in February. This means that we currently spend six mths the market, csumers like ourselves in six mths.

HomePod is e of the most biased Apple product releases amg many people who admired the sound quality and integrity with Apple's ecosystem, but also for devices like Amaz Echo It combines high price and functiality.

I was skeptical at first I could not deny the Home pod, but over the past six mths it has become a trustworthy part of my smart home setup.

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Heymo is not an early stage

Usually, when you buy a new Apple product, there is an early period like a newly married heymo. New desires and aura are beyd some kind of flaw. But in my home pod my experience was quite the opposite.

I clearly remember the first day's unbocking and setup process at HomePod. After setting it up, I was so impressed with the sound quality, but it was almost impossible to ignore the shortage of AirPlay 2. Certainly, HomePod is wderful, but delayed 2 secds with AirPlay, stereo / room support could not be missed.

It was during this time that I had doubts about the value of HomePod and its price tag. I had two Sos e speakers set up in stereo mode around the iMac. It was a wderful experience with sound. It promised Sos to support AirPlay 2 and it was difficult to deny its advantage over Apple with a further diverse lineup of speakers.

Of course, there was a field where HomePod was superior to Sos. Apple's ecosystem, integrati with the rest of HomeKit ctrol …



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