Clearing misinformati about that Facebook phe number Ad Thing

What I do the & # 39; ad porti for Facebook phe numbers & # 39; name it, has been a lot in the news. Facebook has cfirmed that it uses your two-factor authenticati telephe number for advertising purposes. But let's go through the clickbait headlines.

e of the many ways in which ads get to Facebook and Instagram before your eyes is that the giant for social networks can upload an advertiser a list of phe numbers or email addresses that it has in the file; it then places an ad for accounts that are linked to that ctact informati.

Facebook is not Distribute your phe number to advertisers. What happens is like an advertiser aly has a phe number, they can go to Facebook and say "Please give an ad to the profile with this phe number." The ly difference now is that Facebook uses your two-factor authenticati number for this, even if you have not put your phe number elsewhere in your profile. Still.

: Clearing misinformati about that Facebook phe number Ad Thing

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