Class acti certificati denied in the case iPhone 6, 6 Plus "touch disease", seized spare parts

The "right to repair" movement received a coup Tuesday when a Federal Court judge refused to certify a class in a lawsuit against Apple over its handling of iPhone touch touch issues 6 and 6 Plus. the same day, a prominent activist and repairer who helped identify the problem and then testified in the class acti saw a batch of after-sale iPhone screens seized.

two separate applicatis of the plaintiffs to be certified as a class in the case, as well as an additial moti for an injuncti. The lawsuit alleges that Apple has not disclosed a flaw in the design of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus that has caused touch-screen issues, a minor ctroversy later called "disease of the to touch".

In the case Davids et al. Koh J. ruled that the plaintiffs had not satisfied the prepderance requirement of being certified as a class, because "the awarding of certified questis would ly not progressing the resoluti of the underlying case "and Certificati under Rule 23 (c) (4) does not demstrate why certificati would advance the litigati as a whole. "

The original complaint, which claimed that Apple knew of the defect of" touch disease "before the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, was filed in 2016, with more firms than ever before. Lawyers joining the prosecuti later this year

Koh is the same judge who has chaired various cases related to Apple in the past, including …

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