China Times fails poor HomePod sales, says Apple has reduced orders to 200,000 per mth

A new report Taiwan's supply chain echoes a recent history Bloomberg News suggesting that HomePod sales have been mediocre, but as with most checks, it may be difficult to draw definite cclusis.

Notably, the China Times claims that Apple has reduced its HomePod delivery forecast to 200,000 units or less per mth in the secd quarter, down from about 500,000 units per mth in the first quarter, due to the -than-expected decline in sales. Apple is also expected to downgrade its shipping forecast for the entire year of 2018.

HomePod's sales may be rather mediocre, as a relatively niche product with a high price of $ 349, and given a handful of critics who criticize Siri's abilities, but the CEO of the company is not a big deal. Apple Tim Cook has already warned of the supply chain.

Cook the first quarter earnings call from Apple in 2013:

I suggest that it is good to questi the accuracy of any kind of rumors about cstructi plans. Even though a particular data point was …

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