Charter Security Flaw Just Exposed Customer Data for Millis

The security flaws of the Charter have recently released data millis of customers. the Charter Communicatis (Spectrum) website, a vulnerability has been discovered that most people take over customer accounts without requiring a password TechDirt).

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Charter security defect

This deficiency involves deceiving the Spectrum website, which allows subscribers to create IDs of Time Warner Cables (recently acquired by Charter). If the customer has not yet registered an ID, this vulnerability would allow an attacker to create a Web site by replacing the IPD address with the customer's IP address.

General hacker image

The registrati website tried to cfirm the identity of the subscriber in search of the postal code and telephe number. However, according to security researcher Phobia, the zip code was not right to go to the next page. ly the phe number associated with the account must be accurate.

In additi, Ceraolo discovered that hackers can use the brute force software program in the phe number field (in other words, they can try different 10-digit combinatis repeatedly). In other words, it is relatively easy for a hacker to inherit somee's account without having an accurate phe number.

Affected customers

After a fake ID is created, an attacker can access persal data such as billing address, e-mail, account number, and so . The charter has 23 milli subscribers, but not all are affected. People who were subscribers of Time Warner Cable before the merger are affected by 14 milli users.

Although the charter insists that this defect is not actually exploited in practice, the number of affected people is not clear.

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