Cgress criticizes the FBI's quest for the 'iPhone & # 39; backdoor & # 39;

Cgress called the FBI the carpet for its attempt to compel Apple to build a backdoor in the iPhone. A letter was sent today by a group of bipartisan representatives accusing law enforcement of overestimating the difficulties associated with unlocked iPhones involved in crimes.

The ten Cgressmen wrote that the FBI would explore all the optis to unlock the iPhone belging to a mass shooter because they wanted an excuse to force Apple to modify iOS so that it would be easy for them forces of order to access.

In 2016, the FBI obtained a court order from the iPhone 5c of e of San Bernardino shooters. Apple CEO Tim Cook resisted, but so after, the agency was able to access the ctents of the phe with outside help, probably from the Israeli company Cellebrite

The last mth, a report was published. Apple to unlock the device before talking to its internal experts or outside companies to find …

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