Can’t See “Ne” When Editing Apple ID Payment Informati? Here is Fix

Let's clear, there are several reass why you can not see Ne when you change your Apple ID payment information. He has too many chains attached from where; you will have to erase them first before going to the root of the problem.

Even if you have no payment due, you will not be able to select Ne when updating your Apple ID payment information. To clear all doubts, check why this happens and what you need to do to choose zero without any hassle.

 Unable to see any opti in Apple ID Payment Informati  iPhone or iPad

Can & # 39; t Find the opti "Ne" in the Apple identificati payment information

Reas # 1. If you have a due payment or outstanding balance

You will ly be Not able to choose Ne as the payment type until you have paid your balance.

Soluti: I do not know what order you have to pay? Check out this quick guide to see your purchase history your iOS device.

When you Apple: to the store, you may receive a message stating "There was a billing problem with your last order." ] You can click the Billing Informati butt to display the order.

ce you have paid the order, you will be allowed to change your payment information to Ne.

Reas No. 2. If you have a subscripti that renews itself automatically

Do you have a subscripti that renews itself automatically? You must cancel it first to be able to choose Ne.

Soluti: In case the subscripti offers a free trial, Apple uses your selected payment method so that your service does not stop after the end of the subscripti. ;free try. You can easily cancel the subscripti to avoid …

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