AT & T, Veriz tried to subvert eSIM until Apple protested

The Department of Justice is investigating whether AT & T and Veriz have agreed to reverse the primary purpose of electric SIM cards. With this new technology, it's easy to switch from e service provider to another that the two largest wireless service providers wanted to prevent.

Apple uses an eSIM in Apple Watch Series 3. And last year, this company officially made a complaint to the DoJ that both operators were pressuring an internatial standardizati body for that. it brings anti-competitive change to this emerging technology.

SIM and eSIM

The SIM card was originally designed to be easily swapped. Somee might change the carrier that their phe uses simply by taking out a SIM card and sliding into another e. SIM locatis are a standard part of the iPhone and most other cellular devices.

But this is not practical with something as small as an Apple Watch. The slot would take up too much space. Thus, the electric SIM card is born.

An eSIM is a n-removable versi of the traditial SIM card. It stores the internatial identity of the mobile subscriber (IMSI) of the user and its associated authenticati key. Because it's not removed, it can be tiny. It's actually e-hundredth the size of a standard SIM card.

AT & T and Veriz vs. eSIM

Respding to Apple's request, the Department of Justice raised this issue with AT & T, Veriz, and the GSMA, a group of 39, mobile network operators respsible for the MIS. standard.

The questi at hand is whether the two most powerful US carriers have tried to pressure the GSMA to change the eSIM standard to their advantage, according to The New York Times . The goal was to allow an operator to lock an eSIM its own network, thus preventing the user from switching to a competitor. Such a change would be most beneficial for AT & T and Veriz because they have the li's share of subscribers.

The survey is just beginning, so no cclusi has been drawn.

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