ARMS of Mac Pro to come soer rather than later, ” said Jean-Louis Gassee

Jean-Louis Gassee has changed his mind the ARM of the Mac shift, and is now of the opini that an ARM of the Mac Pro is the inevitable csequence of an end point and is not far away.

The Mac Pro with the case removed
The Mac Pro with the case removed

According to Gassee, the ARM Mac is its way. A change of mind, it is now agreed with Ming-Chi Kuo’s own 12-mth to 18-mth timeframe for the first ARMS of the Mac for the shift.

Gassee main ccern, however, is now not if it will happen, but how will Apple manage this transiti.

The previous transiti to PowerPC, Intel has taken about a year, and in every new Mac was sold to Intel at the end. This has been possible because the market was much smaller and much less complicated than what the market is today.

Gassee suggests thatwhile the entire Mac line can easily move the ARMS, a single outlier which raises a questi: is the Mac Pro. While Apple A-series chipsets are worthy ctenders against the most of csumer laptop chipsets, they still d’t hold a candle to the Xen chips for the top-of-the-line Mac.

Apple ARM chips aly do better than the majority of csumers of Intel chips
Apple ARM chips aly do better than the majority of csumers of Intel chips

This would create a development fork, which means that for the rest of the Mac could flourish the ARMS, a single Intel-based Mac remains to satisfy Apple’s most needy clients. However, that would ly need to occur if the ARM could not compete with the Xen, which is not the case.

Presented by Gassee, a company called Ampere Computer aly produces powerful ARM chips. This company manufactures chips with similar performance to the Intel Xen to the half of the energy csumed -201 watts compared to the 400 watts needed Xen.

Another interesting information provided by Jean-Louis Gassee is the fact that TSMC, which makes these ultra-powerful ARM chips for the Ampere, the meaning of Apple ly need to invent themselves, to start to manufacture their own.

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