Apple's VESA iMac Pro Support Faults Fuel a New Episode of Repair Anxiety

A video released this weekend shows another repair saga of the iMac Pro that went wrg, but this time the finger is pointing squarely to Apple, launched by poor design choices surrounding its mounting kit VESA. video, by Quinn Nels of Snazzy Labs, plunges into a two-week repair saga of an iMac Pro. The Apple VESA Mount Kit is a user-installable part, which requires the user to remove the factory media and replace it with VESA support.

Nels wanted to get more pictures of his iMac Pro and decided to reinstall. In doing so, he broke the last screw in the mount, tying it to the iMac "forever" according to Nels.

It started going back and forth with Apple, resulting in a stripped screw finally leading to an iMac. Pro replacement by Apple – and all this could have been avoided in many ways.

The installer did what he had to do, and it was de well

We think Nels has correctly installed the adapter. We also believe that it has de absolutely nothing wrg when a screw head has broken inside the VESA adapter when it has tried to lighten it. ;to take off.

Nels notes that the VESA adapter for the iMac Pro is probably not part of it and is attached and detached frequently. But, this is not really the point. Apple says nowhere in the documentati that the user should not be able to remove it at least ce without fail after installati, and a better choice of material other than the screws in zinc would allow that.

Material ..

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