Apple's Today: The final model of Apple II arrived

September 15, 1988: Apple will release the Apple IIc Plus series. This is the sixth and final model of the Apple II computer series. It is a wderful machine with impressive features, but marketing and support is poor.

Centered Mac, Cupertino does not seem to be simply interested in Apple's computer.

Apple IIc Plus Specificati

IIc Plus is the fastest Apple II model with a 65C02 processor and 4 MHz CPU speed, and it shows phenomenal performance at four times the speed of the previous generati. This was essentially a soup up versi of 8 bit Apple IIc. Although the inventive step was inferior to the 16 – bit Apple IIGS that was doing rounds at the time (it is still fast).

The presence of Apple IIc Plus was a respse to the Apple II cle Laser 128 EX / 2 developed by the Chinese company VTech.

Take back a 5.25-inch floppy drive

The Apple IIc Plus encircled the Apple II's traditial 5.25 "floppy drive and surrounded the 3.5 – inch internal unit. This gave 6 times more storage capacity than a large capacity floppy disk. It also loaded an electric eject that was loaded much faster and started with a butt. (It is amazing how this is retro today!)

Like the iPhe 7 dropping a 3.5 mm headphe jack, the release of IIc Plus made a fuss amg Apple II owners. Most of the purchased software is provided in 5.25 "floppy format. They wanted to buy an external disk drive if they wanted to ctinue using the software.

the design side, Apple IIc Plus was using Apple's light gray platinum color, so the keyboard and case were displayed as almost the same product. Despite improved specificatis, the computer weighs ly about 7 pounds and it is half a pound lighter than IIc.

Apple canceled this model in November 1990 and ended …



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