Apple's support document suggests that HomePod could so make its debut in France, Germany and Japan

About eight hours ago, a strange support document was posted by Apple. It lists the available audio sources of HomePod (copy and paste verbatim from the technical specificatis page) and not much else.

However, clicking the Supported Languages ​​link reveals the following message: 'English,', French, Deutsch, English & # 39 ;. This suggests that HomePod is so launching in France, Germany and Japan. However, we have dug into this story and it is not quite so clear.

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Apple has already said that HomePod would support France and Germany in the spring (a vague deadline technically does not end until June 21st). While the Japanese is the ly new piece here, it normally indicates an imminent release in these three regis. This would be a welcome expansi from the regis currently supported by HomePod in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

However, 9to5Mac believes that this support document is actually the result of an error in administrati. The document is listed as a "download" in the database, although no new HomePod firmware is actually available. The text of the document does not menti either a real download – it's just a poorly formatted list of audio sources from the HomePod.

This makes us cautious enough to take information in the face value document because it appears that this article was incorrectly filed in the first case. This makes us doubt the validity of any of its related metadata. In additi, translatis of this document into other languages ​​are not actually published; it's ly available in English. Also note the obvious blunder where "English" is repeated twice in the list of languages ​​supposed to be supported

. As other sites cover this, we thought we would publish what we found and water the hype train a bit. We ctacted Apple this story more than eight hours ago as so as this URL was posted, and we will let you know if it answers and if it wants to clarify what is happening.

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