Apple's Siri learns new jokes

Apple seems to have recently updated Siri iPhone, iPad, Mac and HomePod with a lot of new jokes to tell. Based reports Twitter and readers MacRumors the new jokes began airing earlier this mth.

When you ask Siri a questi like "tell me a joke" an iOS, Mac, or HomePod device, Siri has dozens of new answers to share with you.

  • "What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup?"
  • "e night, I paid $ 20 to see Prince, but I made the party as if it was $ 19.99."
  • Wolf to meditate, now he is aware of the wolf. "
  • " What do you call a labrador who becomes a magician? A labracadabrador. "
  • " What do you call a talking dinosaur? Thesaurus. "

With the new humorous additis, Siri's joke repertoire has grown dramatically, and you have to ask jokes several times before hearing a rehearsal." Siri also seems to have new jokes to hit, accessible in asking Siri …

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