Apple's secd quarter results 2018: $ 61.1 billi, 52.2 milli iPhones sold

Apple announces its financial results for Q2 2018 (ended March 31, 2018) May 1, 2018.

The company announces:

  • Quarterly revenue of $ 61.1 billi, in up 16% from first quarter
  • Quarterly earnings per diluted share of $ 2.73, up 30% from e year to the next
  • Internatial sales purchased 65% of the figure Apple's business for the quarter
  • Generati of more than $ 15 billi in operatial cash flow

$ 60 billi and $ 62 billi when he gave guidance for the secd quarter during the first quarter results.

While the sales figure was in line with Apple's objectives, the result was better than expected by Thoms Reuters, which predicted that Apple would report a turnover of 60, $ 84 billi for the quarter (an increase of 15%). Thoms Reuters expects net profit of $ 13.68 billi, up 24%.

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, pointed to the strg growth in the business figure of "iPhe, Services and Wearables". analysts discuss the success of specific products and its plans for the future

How many Apple iPhones did it sell in Q2 2018?

The results cover the first three mths of the year, giving a good indicati the iPhone X has turned out to be.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said, "Customers chose the iPhone X more than any other iPhone every week in the March quarter, as they did in the quarter of December. "

52.2 milli iPhones were sold during the quarter, yielding Apple $ 38 billi in revenue. In the same quarter of 2017, Apple sold 50.7 milli iPhones and realized a $ 33 billi business figure.

Analysts predicted that Apple had sold about 52 to 53 milli iPhones during the quarter, so Apple's sales were in those forecasts, but there will likely still be some disappointment.

Wall Street was expecting Apple to report $ 39.2 billi in iPhones revenue for the quarter. The figure of $ 38 billi is lower, but it ctinues to increase by 14% over the same quarter of the previous year. At the announcement of Apple 's results in February 2018, CFO Luca Maestri told analysts that the iPhone' s business figure is expected to increase by 10% from the beginning of the year. e year the other in the secd quarter, so this target has been beaten.

The average selling price of an iPhone during the quarter should be $ 740, according to Bloomberg.

There is still ccern that the demand for smartphes is slowing down and that the iPhone X does not have Apple has turned out as popular as Apple hoped for – many think that 's not enough. it is too expensive and the high price will have led to a drop in sales.

With the iPhone that accounted for more than 60% of Apple 's business figure last year, Apple will handle any sales reducti. However, Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, is csidering growth opportunities offered by other services, and he could cite a few in the call to analysts after the release of the results [19659019]. introducti of an iPhone battery replacement system at a reduced price, after acknowledging that he had strangled the batteries in the old phes in order to avoid unexpected shutdowns due to worn out batteries.

How much Apple iPad has sold in Q2 2018? The launch of the new iPad took place towards the end of the quarter

In the secd quarter, Apple sold 9.1 milli iPads and made $ 4.1 billi in sales thanks to these sales

. sold 8.9 milli iPads and made 3.9 billi. This represents a 6% increase in revenues from e year to the next.

How many Apple Macs did you sell in Q2 2018?

The iMac Pro was launched during the quarter. But the rest of the Mac lineup should be updated in the coming mths, so sales should be slow.

However, Apple sold 4 milli Macs during the quarter and realized $ 5.8 billi in revenue.

Mac sales declined slightly over the same quarter in 2017, when Apple sold 4.1 milli units, but also realized $ 5.8 billi a year ago, suggesting that the average sale price of a Mac was higher.

How many Apple Apple watches did you sell in Q2 2018?

The Apple Watch was last updated in September 2017. We will not know exactly how many watches Apple has sold, from its Other Products secti (which also includes Apple TVs, iPods, Peripherals and accessories, and now the HomePod).

We do not know exactly how much "other products" Apple has sold, but we know that it made $ 3.9 billi of those sales, a 38% increase over the T2 of 2017, when he made $ 2.8 billi in revenue for this category

How much mey has Apple earned with the App Store and iTunes?

The new HomePod may have sold some other Apple Music subscriptis to Apple.

During last quarter's cference call, CFO Maestri suggested that services (and apparel technologies) would perform strgly in the secd quarter.

The company achieved a turnover of $ 9.2 billi. quarter in 2017 (when he made 7bn), and 8% higher than the previous quarter, when he made 8.5.


Cook noted, "We also increased our incomes in all our geographic segments, with over 20 The income distributi was as follows:

  • America $ 24.8 billi
  • Europe $ 13.8 billi
  • Greater China £ 13bn
  • Japan $ 5.5 billi
  • Asia-Pacific $ 3.9 bn

There were worries about China, but that's not the case. was 21% more than the year before

How does this compare to Apple's predictis?

When Apple announced its financial results February 1, 2018, company made the next forecast for the secd quarter of 2018:

  • Income between $ 60 billi $ 62 billi
  • Gross margin between 38% and 38.5%
  • Operating expenses between $ 7.6 billi and $ 7.7 billi
  • Other income / expense of $ 300 milli
  • Tax rate of about 15%

Find out how they will compare later, and update this article.

Return Apple's Capital

Stockholders will be curious as to how much Apple will pay them back as part of the usual dividend.

Apple's board approved a new $ 100 billi buyback and a 16% increase in our quarterly dividend.

The Board declared a cash dividend of $ 0.73 per comm share of Apple May 17, 2018 to shareholders as of the close of business May 14, 2018.

Q3 Forecast 2018

Apple provided the following guidance for its third quarter of fiscal year 2018.

  • Apple provides the following guidance for its third fiscal quarter 2018: [19659004] Income between 51.5 and 53.5 billi of Dollars
  • Gross Margin Between 38 and 38.5%
  • Operating Expenses between $ 7.7 and $ 7.8 Billi
  • Other Revenues / (Expenditures) $ 400 Milli
  • Rate Taxati of about 14.5% [19659007] Wall Street expects the company will see its revenues of about $ 52 billi for the quarter ending June 30th and that it is expected that the company will be in business. she will sell about 42 milli iPhones

    Listen to Apple's revenue appeal

    You can listen to Apple's financial results cference call the Apple website; as well as the raw numbers, you will hear Apple executives discuss the earnings report and give advice what will happen.

    To listen, you will need an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with Safari 5.1.10 or later OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari iOS 6.0 or later; or QuickTime 7 Windows.

    Click here to listen to the call.

    Read to see the performance of previous quarters and the number of iPhones, iPads and Macs sold by Apple.

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