Apple's R & D spending ctinues to grow at the same pace as the iPhone and AR projects

During its secd fiscal quarter of 2018, Apple spent nearly $ 3.4 billi research and development, an increase of $ 602 milli over twelve mths, bringing its spending to six mths to nearly $ 6.8 billi. .

Detailed in a filing of the Securities and Exchange Commissi Wednesday, Apple's $ 3.38 billi spending accounts for 6% of its net sales for the three-mth period ending in March . The figure is down about $ 29 milli from its 2018 quarter vacati record.

Although smaller a sequential basis, investment represents a significantly higher percentage of total net sales. Apple typically spends 4% or 5% R & D – 4% in the first quarter – leaving the remaining 6% in this senior age bracket. The company reached 6% in the third quarter of 2017, just before the unveiling of the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X.

As usual, Apple does not specify where, exactly, the mey is ge. Today's filing offers the same descripti of the going development of new and updated products and services, new employees and material expenses related to the expansis of R & D. Apple and others. Technology companies regularly increase their R & D spending as their product offerings mature, a necessary commitment to the sustainability of existing businesses.

However, the increase in expenditures, in terms of quarterly net sales, suggests projects that go beyd product maintenance.

Apple is widely used to launch a trio of new iPhone models later this year, two of which will feature OLED displays. The company is looking to capitalize the success of its first OLED phe, the iPhone X, which has been the best-selling iPhone since its launch in November. At a cference call Tuesday, CEO Tim Cook said the March quarter was the first to see in which the most expensive iPhone was also the most popular.

Beyd the iPhone, Apple invests heavily in augmented reality. The company's efforts have so far been limited to iOS and ARKit, which have recently received some new features with the release of versi 1.5 under iOS 11.3, but rumors suggest major projects for technology .

Apple reportedly worked hard an AR helmet called "T288" internally. Little is known about the device, but last week's report states that current plans involve two 8K screens – e for each eye – a separate computing unit and integrati with advanced communicati like WiGig 2.0 or 802.11ay. forward with its automous vehicle platform built from the remains of "Project Titan". Currently evaluated the roads of California by what is believed to be a fleet of 45 vehicles, the initiative of Apple is expected to encompass the self-driving software and hardware of support for use in third party cars.

Other investments could include the development of advanced health mitoring compents like a glucose sensor for Apple Watch, next-generati AirPods, a smaller HomePod speaker, high-end headphes and more. operating expenses of $ 7.53 billi, or 12% of net sales

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