Apple's MacBook keyboards touch the class acti lawsuit

Customer complaints about the Apple Butterfly Keyboard have ce again become a lawsuit, with a lawsuit filed Tuesday in a California court, claiming that the company was selling and was ctinuing to sell a product known to be defective. 19659003] filed in the Northern California District Court, the complaint echoes several of the claims made in a first instance class acti the same issue earlier this mth.

In the immediate acti, three named complainants allege the throttle mechanism introduced with the 2015 MacBook, and later applied to the line MacBook Pro in 2016, is pre to failure.

Although Apple announces that the ultra low profile switch is more respsive and robust than traditial scissor type mechanisms, butterfly keyboards are easily destroyed when dust or other particles get stuck. accumulate under the keys, affirms the process. In some cases, the key switch fails completely, forcing homeowners to bring their laptop for repairs.

Due to its design, a single broken key requires the replacement of the upper case of an affected MacBook, which includes the keyboard and the battery. For machines that are no lger covered by Apple's warranty, the repair can cost hundreds of dollars, and for those who are, the process can leave users without a computer for a week or more.

According to the costume, Remy Turner bought his 2016 MacBook Pro in April 2017 and started so after encountering problems with a sticky space bar. He tried to solve the problem using the method recommended by Apple …

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