Apple's Mac mini now inexcusably jumped by cheap Intel hardware

The Mac mini from Apple is a great MacOS computer, but it is completely blown away by the Intel NUC, which is bad for Apple, and bad for us, the csumer. AppleInsider plunges into the hardware.

  Steve Jobs Mac mini debut

Steve Jobs revealed the Mac mini G4 in January 2005. This was not the first computer released in a mini-ITC format, but it was the first compact , elegant box, made in any quantity with wide support and availability. It almost immediately spawned a cottage industry of hacks and alteratis, with users tying them to televisis as early media centers, and others installing them in cars.

It was e of the first products from Apple to take the step towards Intel processors, and was used as a platform to launch the new Core Series processors. ; Intel. This opened the door to models focused the macOS server

Unibody Redesign

In 2010, Apple redesigned the computer, abanding the power brick and encompassing the entire device in a compact hull. This was the first Apple computer to use an HDMI port. Shortly after, Apple got rid of the optical drive

  Mac mini ports

The 2011 high-end versi for the $ 999 and 2012 models with quad-core i7 processors starting at $ 799 could be called the ultimate expressi of the device. The 2012 model was the last to have RAM chips and a (relatively) easy replacement of the drives.

More recently

The latest revisi of the product line dates back to October 2014. Apple has exchanged energy efficiency and slightly better graphics performance. the i7 opti for a …

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