Apple's head-up display technology for automous cars uses the AR to improve driver safety

Apple's work augmented reality could find its place in its current automotive initiative, the company pdering ways to use the AR to show information the road to come, including things that come out of the driver's visi.

Bringing together two areas of interest for Apple, the patent applicati for an "augmented reality augmented vehicle display using stereographic imagery" details an AR system that can use a pre-generated 3D model of the world to improve the generati of 3D ctent for its users. Although this can be applied in different ways, Apple suggests that this interpretati could be used to provide users with even more information about the world around them while moving.

The pre-generated 3D model could include data roads, points of interest and other areas useful to drivers, which could be kept remotely in cloud storage. These data are collected in smaller pieces, such as the 3D versis of tiles used by line mapping services, and …

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