Apple's envirmental respsibility report advocates improving energy efficiency, durability, more

Apple prides itself being envirmentally focused and is ctinually working to reduce its envirmental footprint. According to the report envirmental respsibility of Apple published in 2018, the company is focusing climate change, resources and materials more secure.

The biggest improvement of the past year is that Apple now operates 100% renewable energy.

We have proved that 100% renewable is 100% feasible. All of our facilities around the world, including Apple offices, retail stores and data centers, are now fully powered by clean energy. But this is ly the beginning of reducing greenhouse gas emissis that ctribute to climate change. We ctinue to go further than most companies to the extent of our carb footprint, including the manufacture and use of products. And we are making great progress in these areas as well.

The company says it uses a combinati of renewable resources including solar energy and wind energy to reduce its footprint. Apple says that about 66% of the renewable energy that it produces comes from projects created and managed by Apple itself.

She also talks about what she plans to do in the future to support her 100% renewable energy efforts.

Beyd 2018 We will ctinue to innovate to expand our use of renewable energy as our electricity needs grow. We will ctinue to explore new markets and invest in energy storage – an essential part of our transiti to renewable energy.

This extends to the products that Apple also sells to its customers. For example, the latest generati MacBook Pros csumes 61% less energy than the previous generati. The HomePod while playing music, csumes less energy than the average LED bulb. And of course, Apple has been trying to reduce its footprint when it comes to the box your devices enter.

We include all energy used for the shipment and recycling of our carb footprint. We strive to make our packaging smaller or lighter, so less fuel …

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