Apple’s Automous Cars Are Much Safer Than Google’s

This is just an Icarus for the ccept, but that Apple's program is now safer & # 39 it's actually a lot of Google's.

A car driving is designed to test the automous Apple's system is involved in an accident Mday, but who moved temporarily. In this way, about the secd case of this kind of memory. Compare that Waymo / Google, which had 38 traffic incidents dating to 2014.

Apple's automous cars are safe enough

Last week, Apple's descripti of the case and in the states,

October 15 at 10:28 am, an Apple manual test vehicle was swept away, as if ready to turn left to Stewart Drive de Wolfe Road North. Apple test vehicle to move around 5 mph Ford was traveling about 15 mph, made of a corridor that are subject to Apple's test vehicle. The vehicles suffer minor damage and no injuries were reported. But, when we have not been informed by the drive and Toyota which had been ctributed had left.

The first case occurred in August when he told Apple and Apple's propaganda and the back of the vehicle was clearly marked.

There is no known case of the automous ctrol of Apple's system was not at fault. Be aware that cars can be tested in Ariza, California, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Google / accidents are much less rare Waymo

Over the years, Google and the victims of Waymo automous cars more than 17 times the number of road accidents in California.

For example, in 2018, Waymo test 11 vehicles were involved in the collisi as compared with the Apple 2. This is not the number of the test, also the societies despite the fact that they have almost the same vehicles.

But this is not peculiar to himself, despite the fact that it is not true of the matters of greater Google / Waymo is no other vehicles are in the wrg drive. It is unclear what is behind it, that drives so many cars, but at some point, society has to realize that something has to go wrg. Because, until now, Apple's vehicles are used much less.

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