Apple's ARKit release left Google off guard

While Apple and Facebook to push forward with the augmented reality and virtual reality hardware, Google, burned by the Google Glass and a late check-out for a smartphe AR-part, behind.

Google Glass Enterprise Image Credit: Mikepanhu

Augmented reality, or AR for short —is probably going to be the next big thing. Apple has planned to release two-an AR headset and AR Glasses in the next few years. Facebook, owners of the Oculus-branded virtual reality products, has announced plans to build AR glasses in 2019 Oculus Cnect developer cference.

Yet, as demstrated in a report published Friday by The InformatiGoogle seems to shirk of AR —at least as far as the hardware goes.

The augmented reality deployment in smartphes

Products of csumpti, such as most smartphes and tablets —basic AR skills. For example, customers are able to preview the articles home, articles in the houses, from their smartphes. This apparently simple task leads to a lot more satisfied customers, who use the functiality to test the furniture in their homes.

Many games such as Harry Potter: The Wizards Unite and Pokem Go incorporate AR elements in their gameplay. Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook have all featured AR-based photo filters and games for several years.

Naturally, the next hop would be to create a piece of hardware that could make this technology the industry has learned about the AR and put these ccepts in the real world. AR glasses could be used for pedestrian navigati, AR game, or providing information without the need to reach for a phe or a computer. The professials, such as physicians, could have access to a patient’s file in a blink of an eye. The schools could use AR glasses to help visualize the abstract ccepts as interactive games.

Apple ARKit beat ARCore to the punch

This was not always the case, however. In 2017, Google virtual and augmented reality department had all the intenti to ctinue to compete with Apple, which was then the rumor of preparing to launch a tool kit for augmented reality applicatis. However, shortly after Apple announced ARKit, the department apparently went silent.

While they did release ARCore in February 2018 —eight mths after the release of ARKit —the team fell apart shortly after. Projects, such as Google’s smartphe-based VR headset, the “Reverie” View,” have been cancelled.

It is easy to assume that some of this apprehensi can be directly linked to the less-than-stellar respse to Google Glass. Google’s smart glasses launched as a prototype in 2013, had a public release in 2014 and was disctinued in 2015. While Google Glass is still available, it has been renamed as a tool that is sold exclusively to businesses.

It may be that Google is waiting for its competitors to push the products the market, rather than take another Drink of risk.

Google is not turning away completely from RA, however. Google Maps has added AR navigati for pedestrians and the plans to do the same for drivers….

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