Apple's AR helmet or smart glasses can unlock your iPhone automatically

Apple wants it to be easier for users to unlock multiple devices in quick successi, with the authenticati of a head-mounted AR or VR helmet or smart glasses potentially allowing the proximity of other elements to authenticate the user.

The Magic Leap, A Lightwear AR glasses, an example of an AR headset
The Magic Leap, A Lightwear AR glasses, an example of an AR headset

e of the problems that users experience when they have multiple devices in hand, it is the need to identify with each and every e of them. For example, a pers may have to unlock an iPhone, an iPad, an Apple , a Mac and other computing devices several times in a day.

While Apple has tried to reduce the time it takes to access certain features, such as the Face, ID, and the Touch ID authenticati, the process still does take a bit of time to accomplish. Apple csiders that a respse may be an authenticati problem with the closeness, a ccept, it aly offers by allowing a Mac to unlock it, if an Apple user is nearby.

In a patent applicati entitled “Authenticated Device-Assisted Authenticati of the User”, published by the US Patent and Trademark Office Thursday, Apple proposes to extend the idea to other devices, allowing the owner of an authenticated device access to restricted functis a different element.

In the Apple system, an authenticated device could take the form of a “head-mounted device, such as smart glasses or an AR or VR headset. For this device, the user is authenticated manually, and enjoys a level of access to this device, depending how it is cfigured.

An example of an authenticated headset to communicate with nearby devices, in order to unlock
An example of an authenticated headset to communicate with nearby devices, in order to unlock

In the vicinity of the device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, it could be in a locked state by default, and that normally should be accessible without authenticati. The worn helmet could use its proximity to the locking of the device in order to determine the intenti of the user, which may encourage them to send authenticati data for the locked item to identify the user.

According to the manner in which the locking device is cfigured, the authenticati data can be used to unlock, or to provide a limited set of features pending a full procedure of unlocking.

While the proximity and the intent can be determined by a number of ways, Apple’s suggesti for the helmet requires the use of image sensors which can detect the locked material, and, in turn, determine its positi relative to the user for analysis of intentis. This could possibly be de with the help of other sensors together, such as with ultrawide-band radios.

Depending the detecti of the intenti of the user, it is possible that the helmet could send a secd authenticati of the transmissi to a release device, telling it to lock in place. If this may help to keep a user’s data more secure by eliminating the need for an output device, it will also correct situatis where the headset allows you to unlock a nearby device that it thinks will be used, but in the end is not.

Apple files numerous patent applicatis a weekly basis, but, while the existence of a patent indicates the areas of interest for the company’s research and development, they do not guarantee the existence of a product or service using this ccept in the future.

The patent filing lists its inventors as Fletcher R. Rothkopf, Arlen Mr. Hartounian, Grant H. Mulliken, and James W. VanDyke.

Apple AR and VR headset has been lg-rumored, but yet to launch a device. It has not ceased to appear in numerous patents, such as in February of deposit for a headset that does not require markers that are external to say that a user is in moti.

There were also deposits compared to hidden helmet cameras, removable earphes, and holographic imaging, amg other ideas.

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