Apple's 2018 envirmental respsibility report focuses renewable energy, gets rid of Greenpeace

Apple released its 2018 envirmental respsibility report Thursday, highlighting its recent achievements in renewable energy and plans to push them further. Greenpeace however took advantage of the opportunity to slam the company's efforts, claiming that it should focus other issues

Especially, the company underlines its recent completi of all its first-party operatis – including offices, stores and data centers – powered by clean, renewable sources. These include investments in solar and wind energy, amg the first being solar farms and rooftop panels bordering places like Apple Park.

"But it's ly the beginning of reducing greenhouse gas emissis that ctribute to climate change," writes Apple. "We ctinue to go beyd most companies to the extent of our carb footprint, including the manufacturing and use of products, and we are also progressing in these areas."

To advance its energy efforts, the company plans to "explore new markets" as well as spend for energy storage. Storage is an essential compent of green energy, since the sun and the wind are subject to weather interruptis.

The report also argues for the energy efficiency of recent products, for example by claiming that the HomePod csumes less energy than an LED light bulb. The latest MacBook Pro csume 61% less energy than the previous generati. The packaging has been reduced and lightened, which in theory reduces the fuel required for logistics.

These benefits also boost Apple's profits, since they can spend less larger packages and batteries.

iPhone recycling robot, Daisy. In respse to this and the Envirmental Liability Report, the militant organizati Greenpeace issued a statement stating that the company would do better to facilitate the upgrading and repair of its products. The demand is there, he said, pointing to a strg demand for replacement of the iPhone …

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