Apple0s versus VirnetX patent breakpay payment ballos up to $ 595.9M

Apple pays ViretX more than the $ 502.6 milli ordered by a federal judge at the end of August, with an agreement between the two companies the costs incurred by VirnetX in the patent infringement process, bringing the final total to $ 595.9 milli.

A filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commissi Mday advises VirnetX and Apple & # 39; granted and agree without dispute & # 39; amounts for the cost statement and the priority interest arising from the most recently resolved lawsuit. According to the submissi, the parties the agreement September 20, determining the amount of costs and the interest due amounted to about $ 93.3 milli.

The costs and interest are added to the $ 502.6 milli judgment, bringing the total amount of VirnetX due by Apple to $ 595.9 milli. The notificati does not advise how much of the extra costs relate to costs or anticipati interests.

In April, Apple was found to have infringed four VirnetX patents for secure communicatis, including VPN -demand technology and FaceTime and iMessage csumer software and services. The jury awarded VirnetX the $ 502.6 milli, which ctributed to a previous profit in another similar case that brought the amount owed by Apple to the company to almost $ 1 billi.

In August, Apple was denied a moti for a new trial in a lg-term patent fight, giving Apple the opportunity to appeal against the verdict.

The ctent of the final verdict was unsealed in September and revealed that VirnetX received ly half of the "sunset royalty" that it demanded, while refusing an embargo sales and imports. Both parties received no permissi, but eventually Apple escaped much heavier financial sanctis.

The legal affair was first initiated in 2010 by VirnetX and claimed that there were cases of patent infringement in Apple's products, which led to other similar lawsuits. In 2012, the same Texas court ordered Apple to pay $ 368 milli for violating e patent, but the sentence expired almost two years later.

That case was then rolled up with another patent in a new compensati claim in 2016, which gave Apple a $ 625 milli fine, a fine that was later scrapped because the trial was unfair due to jury cfusi. Two new processes later received VirnetX $ 302.4 milli, raised to $ 4 milli after Apple had determined by the court that he had knowingly infringed the patents.

In that case, Apple still appeals to the decisi, so that the disputed fight can ctinue for some time.

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