Apple0s iOS 12 update causes sporadic problems when charging the iPhe

Multiple reports suggest that iOS 12 may have a bug, causing periodic and random problems with devices that are not charged when cnected to a power source or placed a wireless charging stati without user interventi.

At Apple's discussi forum, there are currently 108 users who are respding to a possible problem with the iPhe XS or iOS 12. The error occurs when the user cnects a Lightning cable to the charging port using a regular wall charger, or the device a Qi charging pad.

Usually the iPhe functis as expected and immediately starts charging the phe.

Occasially, users who cnect the phe will not receive a charging symbol nor the noise that the device plays when it is being charged. Some users could have the phe start charging by plugging in the power cord, waiting between 10 and 15 secds, and waking up the phe but not necessarily unlocking it.

"If I have not had ctact with the phe for some time, it no lger respds to a charger that is cnected," said a user. "But if I remove the plug from the socket and lift it up and use it, it will recognize the charger."

UnboxTherapy tested a number of iPhe XS devices in the studio and discovered that they could repeat the problem. They tested nine separate iPhe XS and XS Max phes and were able to prove the problem a few times. However, AppleInsider the problem has not yet manifested with an iPhe XS Max, iPhe X or iPhe 8 Plus with iOS 12 cnected to USB-A to Lightning or USB-C to Lightning cnected to a computer, a wall adapter or somee else from different Qi-charging pads .

However, an iPhe 7 and 12.9-inch first generati iPad Pro have both manifested the problem ce during a number of tests Saturday night.

The problem may be related to USB-restricted mode, a feature that Apple has developed to secure data the phe against devices that attempt to download data from a phe for law enforcement or for ill-fated purposes. USB-limited mode should not interfere with a simple wall charger, but the interacti that users notice, lifting the phe to charge it after it has been idle, seems to be related to the need to unlock a device to get it to cnect via Lightning to a peripheral device.

The problem can also occur elsewhere. Belkin has cfirmed that its original PowerHouse and Valet charging docks are not compatible with the iPhe XS family. Users who try to use these devices notice that the iPhe simply does not charge when placed the device. Belkin has noticed the product page that the devices are not compatible with the iPhe XS family, or the upcoming iPhe XR -but has not explained why.

AppleInsider has ctacted Apple for comment this issue.

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