Apple0s Greg Joswiak claims that most people will keep iOS 120s Screen Time , change behavior

Screen Time, e of the most important additis in iOS 12, is intended to give people access to data that can affect their behavior without imposing hard limits, said Apple marketing VP Greg Joswiak in a recent podcast interview.

"If you ask people how much they use their devices, they can ly guess," Joswiak told Arianna Huffingt "The Thrive Global Podcast."

"If you ask them how much they use a certain app or category app, they can ly guess," he ctinued. "I almost guarantee that their guesses are wrg, so what we wanted to do was give people real informati about how much they use devices, apps, app categories, and how many notificatis they get.

The director said he believes that most people turn the screen time and that they ctrol how they use iPhes and iPads.

"For me I could not imagine that in the morning I would leave my house without my iPhe, I think like most people," Joswiak remarked. "I still found it fascinating to be able to open the Screen Time app and see where I spent my time … That informati was useful to regulate myself to the behavior I wanted, I just needed that informati. # 39;

e of the features of Screen Time is the possibility for parents to ctrol their children and to impose restrictis, but Joswiak suggested that parents can have an "intelligent cversati" about their use before resorting to strict rules.

Screen time should ctinue to evolve in future updates. "We know that there is much more that we want to do in the course of time," Joswiak hinted.

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