Apple @ Work: Why the Apple-focused enterprises should use the services of clouds

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Cloud computing is a term thrown around by everye in today’s business envirment. For the next few weeks, I would like to discuss what cloud computing is, why it is beneficial for organizatis of all sizes, how to build an Apple-focused organizati around the cloud, and of my experiences.

About Apple @ Work: Bradley Chambers has been to manage a company’s It network since 2009. Thanks to its experience in the deployment and management of firewalls, switches, mobile device management system, enterprise-level Wi-Fi, 100s Mac, and 100s of the ipad, Bradley will highlight the ways in which Apple’s it managers to deploy Apple devices, create networks to support, train users, from the trenches of the management and of the ways Apple could improve its products for it departments.

Cloud computing is just a fancy word for your data in another envirment. For the privacy ccerned people, which can sometimes throw a red flag. I decided a decade ago that the cloud computing in the enterprise would be the future, and I have been cheated several times.

In practice, a good example is the use of the G Suite or Office 365 for e-mails instead of hosting your email server -site. Another is to use a web hosting service instead of building your server in-house.

From a disaster recovery perspective, cloud computing offers csiderable advantages. Your body is ready for a lg-term power outage or internet outage at your primary campus? What would be the impact remote sites? Would you be able to process payroll, serve your customers, and to ctinue operatis? What is your backup strategy? Is it tested?

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