Apple wants to turn all its devices into wireless chargers

What if all your Apple devices could wirelessly charge almost any other device? Engineers have proposed putting wireless chargers in MacBooks, iPads and iPhones so that they can charge each other, or an Apple Watch.

Building inductive chargers macOS laptops is such an obvious idea that the 2018 MacBook Pro does not include them. But Apple took this idea to its logical extreme.

A patent filing shows an iPad charging an iPhone, which itself loads an Apple Watch. This is not the best way to do this, as the proposal provides for the iOS tablet to have multiple load blocks. In fact, the designers used load blocks, placing three the frt and three the back shelf.

The cvenience of wireless chargers everywhere

Apple first filed a patent this idea in 2015, lg before there was an iPhone that can be recharged wirelessly. But the company filed a lawsuit this spring, so she did not give up that.

That said, it’s not because Apple has filed a patent the integrati of wireless chargers into its laptops, tablets and phes that the company will certainly do. Companies regularly submit ideas that go nowhere.

In additi, there are reass to questi the practicality of this design. A wireless charging cradle is relatively thin and lightweight, but not to the point where integrating it into a mobile device would not increase its mass.

And think of the impact the battery life of an iPhone if it is used to charge an Apple Watch. The same could be said of the battery life of a pad if it recharges an iPhone.

Still, laptops are often left plugged in, and it would be very cvenient to charge the phe and just watch them sitting an inactive MacBook Pro.

Apple’s 2017 smartphes support inductive charging, and iPhone 2018 models should do the same. The Apple Watch has been using inductive charging since the beginning, of course. It is possible that all models of the 2018 iPad also have a wireless charging.


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