Apple video patent offers a crazy idea for dual camera capture

Imagine shooting video with a dual camera camera with simultaneous capture across both lenses.

Apple has applied for a patent stating that the recording software with wide lenses and zoom a camera is somewhere in the pipeline.

Inventors and technology companies file patent applicatis that often never see the light of day. Even though the US Patent and Trademark Office grants such a patent to Apple, there is no guarantee that an Apple device will have that capability anytime so.

But a user interface that shows two or more digital viewfinders is in line with the evoluti of the iPhone as a camera, having disrupted cvential schools for cameras, photography and the cinema.

The 71-page patent applicati, filed January 5 and published Thursday the USPTO website, shows a series of simple drawings with an unspecified device that looks, shaped, to an iPad. In e of the included drawings, a screen shows two windows, each with a view of a volleyball player about to serve.

  Apple video patent Digital viewers showing the capture of two lenses.
Photo: Apple / U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The top window shows a wide view of the reader in the field while the bottom window shows the narrower view of the server through the telephoto lens.

The patent applicati describes this interface

The summary the first page is as follows:

An electric device has multiple cameras and displays a digital viewfinder user interface to preview visual information.

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