Apple urges FCC to let a 'super-high' radio spectrum available for 5G and future innovati

Apple urged the Federal Communicati Commissi (FCC) to let the radio spectrum say "super-high" free to use for 5G and other uses that could be developed later.

The FCC allows a number of radio spectra, which means that they are reserved for a specific purpose, such as mobile voice calls or televisi. The unlicensed radio spectrum can be used for various purposes, and Apple wants to see the frequencies in the range 95GHz to 3000GHz remain unlicensed …


Apple made the case in a csultati respse document spotted by Business Insider . The company argues that the market, not the government, is best placed to decide the use of the radio spectrum.

Apple recommends that the Commissi address this proceeding in order to encourage a range of innovative business and engineering approaches market forces determine the best use of these frequencies and avoid restrictive regulatis , band plans or predictis regarding future band usage that could dictate results and limit innovati […]

The Commissi, in accordance with its philosophy regulati, should avoid restrictive rules that would exclude technologies that have begun to emerge and instead use these examples to inform its expectatis about unknown future uses.

The company says that regulating too many radio bands would undermine the competitiveness of the United States.

Premature restricti of operatis exceeding 95 GHz, for example, …

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